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Power Show II: The Godfathers are not to Blame

Revolving Art Incubator is proud to announce the opening of “Power Show II: The God-Fathers Are Not To Blame”, a solo exhibition of multimedia works by Ayò Akínwándé. The exhibition is curated by Njideka Iroh

Power Show II: The God-Fathers Are Not To Blame

Opening on the 1st of October 2018, amidst celebrations of the country’s 58th anniversary of independence and the 2019 election campaign period, the exhibition becomes an invitation for critical discourse on the current state of governance and aims to stimulate political consciousness amongst the citizenry in a period laden with political campaigns and electioneering.

“The God-Fathers Are Not To Blame” is a multi-layered exhibition of sculpture, sound, video, and digital archives, as a means to address the vexed relationship between leadership and citizenship in Nigeria. The project focuses on the “voice of the people” through the ongoing registry Ayò Akínwándé has taken as a form of digital activism, from the sound installation made from audio recordings at newspaper stands in areas on the mainland and island in Lagos, to screenshots of opinion, commentary and statements made by individuals on social media concerning the state of Nigeria.

The title of the exhibition draws from The Gods Are Not To Blame, the 1968 adaptation of the Greek classic, Oedipus Rex by Nigerian playwright and novelist, Ola Rotimi. The works presented in this show, span multiple media and build on Akínwándé ongoing interrogation of contemporary life in Nigeria as he continues to delve into issues of corruption, governance and the reality of daily life.