David Akinola, Chima Enwezor and Blessing Ibie ( Artistic Intervention in the Face of Commodification ) exhibition opening November 2016

David Akinola, Chima Enwezor and Blessing Ibie (Artistic Intervention in the Face of Commodification) exhibition opening November 2016


Our incubator space over the last 2 years became the starting point for our urban intervention and renegotiation project looking specifically at the role of communal and, the public space as a place of constant negotiation, between the artist and the audience, since inception, we began an in-depth engagement of the socio-political realities of art appreciating and engagement in the city of Lagos, we have presented works of over 43 artists through solo and group exhibitions and hundreds of artists have been impacted by our artist talks and meet-ups such as outSPOKEN and Words-As-Therapy.

The famous Bulgarian contemporary artist Luchezar Boyadjiev in the Art of Urban Intervention defined the public space as the place of negotiation where all citizens, artists, passers-by, law-enforcement, and politicians permanently struggle for presence and terms of use as actors with basically equal rights”, this notion is especially true of how we would like to engage the city in the year 2019 through our extroversion agenda, just as the incubator space at RAI, the city becomes a rallying point for many actors to exchange knowledge and ideas.

In 2019 we find ourselves at the intersection between art, architecture,technology, with functional tangibilities as outcomes of our multidisciplinary approach to social development ,this intersection will bring forth prototypes which will enrich our archive for the future. We will use our findings to engage the local and situate this within the global socio-cultural discourse on decolonization and we plan to share these findings with a wider audience through our outPOSTS,publications and presentations at our incubator space in the course of 2019.

- Jumoke Sanwo

Creative Director, rai