Illustration by  David Akinola

Illustration by David Akinola

ART + VR Workshop 2017

RAI in collaboration with ímísí3D and our equipment sponsor Samsung West Africa brought to the art community in Lagos the many possibilities Virtual Reality technology affords the Arts by encouraging artists to delve into VR  as one of the mediums to explore for artistic expression.


This collaboration included a series of presentations and workshops from May- October 2017 leading up to the Future project “Nigeria in 2027” which will kick off in the first quarter of 2019 through workshops and presentation/ exhibition of works created during the program.

The 2017 Art+ VR workshop held from the

20th &25th of September 2017

(More information about this project is available on request)

About ímísí3D

Ímísí3D is a Virtual Reality (VR) creation lab dedicated to growing a community of VR developers in Nigeria, creating solutions using VR, and providing educational and engagement experiences with VR. We see huge potential for VR as a tool for creating everyday solutions and intend to change the technology narrative so that here we become creators and not just consumers of technology.

 We are future thinking and committed to being responsible ancestors, creating a better world for today and tomorrow”


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